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A brokerage created
for you

A brokerage created
for you

We are entrepreneurs and business people; our product happens to be real estate. Inspire Properties is here to help you activate your brand and bring new momentum for your business with today’s modern consumer. We are aligning with experienced brokers who are ready to elevate their business, brand and reputation.

We hope you join us!

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O wn Your Brand

Own Your Brand

You are the star; Inspire Properties is the backdrop.

Your clients love you and refer friends and colleagues to YOU, not to your brokerage. We believe in leveling up your digital and print profile so that you can attract a wider online audience and make it even easier for your network to refer you business. You will receive a completely customized logo, headshot photography from the country’s top photographers and access to award winning video production to elevate your personal brand to the next level.

E xpensive Broker Fee Structure is from a
Bygone Era

Expensive Broker Fee Structure is from a
Bygone Era

The world has changed since COVID and so have we. By stripping away the unnecessary overhead of hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space and eliminating top-heavy corporate costs, we can invest where it you and our clients! It’s simple: we want you to keep more of the money you earn while elevating our status in the industry. Our broker fee structure is a huge part of how we’re doing that. Interested? Click here to find out more.

Y ou are In Charge

You are In Charge

Push past the limits of the classic brokerage model and start calling the shots. We are on a mission to transform the perception of real estate brokers in the world by enabling our brokers to look at each client opportunity on a case-by-case basis and structure your commission according to your own business model. We partner with and guide our clients with transparency and flexibility.

B e a Part of a Movement
& a Culture

Be a Part of a Movement
& a Culture

We align with excellence-seekers and forward-thinkers.

We operate at the highest levels of integrity, we are go-getters, collaborators and are inspired to be a part of changing the traditional real estate model. We are a beautifully branded brokerage home that you will be proud to align yourself with.

W e Believe in the Greater Good

We Believe in the Greater Good

By giving back to our communities, our causes and our world, we are all leveled up. For those of us who are already philanthropically engaged, you know what we mean, and if you’re not, we’ll help get you plugged in. All of our brokers commit to 10 hours of community engagement and/or $1,000 of charitable giving each year. Giving back is the best gift to yourself, you’ll see!

O wn Your Tech Choices

Own Your Tech Choices

We have partnered with the industry’s best-in-class database, email, web, social media and CMA solutions and we make it easy for you to tap in. We’re not wasting our time by recreating the wheel, we’ve aggregated the resources and tools we love so that you can launch quickly and easily. If you have your own great tech plan, absolutely great! We provide easy access, operations infrastructure, training and support to get you running your business like the boss you are.

Our Partners

V ideo & social media high velocity

Video & social media high velocity

Activate your brand

  • Video and Social Media Coaching
  • Expert Editing & Infographics
  • Easy to Customize Social Media Templates
  • Presence and Cross Promotion on Social Media Channels
  • Classes by top Social Media Consultants to help you Hone your Skills
  • Social Media Management Partnerships
  • On Deck Creative Consultant Relationships

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