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Chris Rudd

Chris Rudd
Founding Broker

Both competitive and strategic, Chris Rudd capitalizes on his deep understanding of the unique nuances of real estate transactions to produce the very best results for his clients. Chris’s natural curiosity, paired with his logical, math-forward mindset, has earned him a place in the hearts of his clients because they know they can trust his straightforward, thorough guidance.

As the Vice President of the HOA in his own condominium complex, Chris has deep familiarity with the unique dynamic of buying, maintaining, and renovating buildings owned by a collective. With that in mind, he has created a team of concierge and design/build service professionals that his clients can tap into, assuring the highest degree of success with every property. While Chris works with all types of real estate, representing buyers and sellers in the most sought-after condos, co-ops and residential towers are his areas of expertise.

Given the current ultra-competitive real estate market for both buyers and sellers, Chris’s proactive, collaborative approach translates to success for every client, no matter what side of the table they sit.

Chris supports the heroes at the Wounded Warrior Project, and on days off can be found volunteering at the White Center Food Bank, providing critical resources for those with immediate need in his community.

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