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Anna Nazeman

Anna Nazeman
Founding Broker

Anna Nazeman is a true real estate rarity; a unique mix of entrepreneurial spirit, economic and financial knowledge, and unparalleled design ability. Anna Nazeman is uniquely positioned to help clients maximize their property investments and curate next-level interior spaces, providing both immediate and tangible value to each deal. Prior to a career in real estate, Anna spent 15 years working for Deutsche Bank in Frankfort, Germany as an investment banker while also operating as local importer for her family’s custom high-end furniture manufacturer.

Her global vision, investment background, and passion for adding value ensures the best financial position for her clients for every transaction, regardless of market conditions. She is able to listen to client objectives, positioning both families and investors for investment security and financial growth. Fluent in three languages with investment clients located all over the world, Anna is a trusted real estate agent for out-of-state and out-of-country investors and families seeking to relocate or looking for investment opportunities in King County. She currently resides on the Eastside with her two daughters and husband.

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